Bootstrap your product,
not your token admin

Jubi's no-code tools allows founders to create a coherent set of smart contracts that manage the end-to-end admin of funding and launching web3 projects

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Why Jubi ?

Save time, money and valuable dev resources by using Jubi’s no-code smart contracts to manage your project tokens from pre-sale to launch
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Focus on product
No wasted time and resources managing on-chain funding, vesting, airdrops and token launch. Free your devs to focus on what matters.
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Smart contracts > manual allocation
On token launch, investors get their vested allocation as accounted for, recorded and automatically managed via audited contracts on-chain. No manual admin
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Smart contracts > Paper
Our system of smart contracts captures the gives, gets and associated governance implied via traditional SAFT paper contracts. Enabling a true on-chain pre-sale
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Smart contracts > manual admin
Associated accounting and ops management are captured on-chain. Immutable and transparent to all parties.

Manage your Pre/Private-sale or SAFT

Founding Team

Ash van der Spuy

Product and startup expertise

Harrison Dell

Legal eagle SME with deep crypto experience